Why Those with Businesses in Nairobi Need Responsive Web Design

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Web design

If you want your business to succeed and make you money, then you definitely need responsive web design in Nairobi. The biggest thing a few years ago was how to get your website to work with other devices, such as Tablets. This type of planning isn’t usually something you can do on your own because a lot of skill and time is required. Having a great website doesn’t mean just having the best content and information, though that is helpful. It is about creating a complete marketing program that includes Internet and regular sales through many means, such as online and traditional advertisements.

People are Busy

If you want people to use your site above all others for their needs, you will need to give them many ways of doing so. People nowadays don’t just sit at home on their personal computer or laptop. They check their Smartphones or use their Tablets. If they can’t view your site quickly while on the go, they will choose a different website, which is why web design is crucial in Nairobi.

Mobile Versions Aren’t Enough

Your website should make it easy to provide SEO and marketing on the Internet. You could create multiple websites for different applications and different uses, but this is hard to manage and costly. Mobile versions of your website will also be more difficult to find using search engine ranking. By using responsive web design, you will have one URL for all sites, which will make it easier for Google and their algorithms to assign your website the right indexing properties.

What it Is

Responsive web design isn’t just about creating a specific website for each type of technology. It simply means that the development and design of a website should be based on the behavior of the user, along with the platform, orientation and screen size. It is usually created by using flexible layouts and grids, along with images and CSS media queries. When a user of your website goes from their desktop to their laptop and then to their iPad or Tablet, the website will ultimately switch to the proper image sizes, script abilities and resolution.

This doesn’t mean changing the design and development for every new piece of technology, but simply allowing the website to decide which technology is being used and having the website responding to the preferences of the user and the technology.

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