What Responsive Website Design Is in Jacksonville FL and Its Benefits

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Web design

Before, website design in Jacksonville FL only had to deal with laptops and desktops because mobile devices weren’t that frequently used. However, over the last few years, mobile device use has skyrocketed so that people are accessing websites over the Internet only through their phones. Most people don’t even have laptops or desktop computers anymore, meaning that businesses need to consider responsive designs to keep up with the times.


A professional will be able to create responsive websites that include all your color elements and text. Designing now means having those pictures, text and colors available on any screen size. When considering the factors, they need to ensure they will download quickly for the users and still be convenient to view, whether they are being displayed on a traditional computer, iPhone or Tablet. This also means that navigational qualities are suitable for any device. Also, when you hire a professional, you have someone to talk to when things aren’t going right.

Search Engine Ranks

Because of Google’s new algorithm, mobile optimization is rewarded greatly. Therefore, if your site isn’t mobile ready, your ranking will be lower. It may not even be on the first few pages. This means people can’t quickly find you, and you are losing business. Responsive designing allows you to have one site that works on all devices, making it easier on Google to index and rank you and enabling you to be seen.

Social Engagement

While it is possible to have one website for laptops and desktops, one for iPhones, one for Tablets and on and on, it can hurt social engagement. Visitors want to engage with your site while on the go, liking and sharing your posts no matter where they are. If their “likes” are only on an iPhone platform and nowhere else, it can be difficult for them to stay in touch while at home or on the go.

Prevent Dilution of Links

Many businesses rely heavily on link building as part of their SEO strategy, which is a good thing. However, link dilution can be possible and problematic. It can be extremely helpful to link other site pages to your current page, allowing visitors to get easily from one place to another. However, low-quality versions can pop up on mobile devices if you don’t use responsive design, allowing your search engine ranking to take a dive.

Website design in Jacksonville FL offers many benefits, but it is important to focus on responsive designs that will allow anyone to view your site on any device. Visit Integrated Webworks today to learn more or contact them.

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