Take a Stand Against Back Pain with an Ergonomic Stand Up Desk

As Americans move toward a healthier lifestyle, battling chronic pain is at the forefront of many people’s concerns. What most people do not realize is that the act of sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause stagnant circulation, where muscles are static for so long that tension leads to back pain. There is a quick and easy fix for this affliction that is plaguing so many people: an ergonomic stand up desk!

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The Various Health Benefits of a Stand-Up Desk Converter

The demand for the stand-up desk converter has increased dramatically over the years. More people see how important it is not to stay in one position all of the time. Similarly, office workers see how important it is to rest their eyes every once in a while. They are encouraged to go out on walks at least twice in a workday. In your office, prevent yourself from remaining seated for longer than necessary. See how much your health improves once you start using the standing desk.

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Buying a Sunlight Readable Monitor- What You Need to Know

Have you ever looked at a screen when there’s a lot of light reflecting on it? If there’s a window on the opposing end of the screen, it will be very difficult for you to make out what’s going on the screen. The reason for that is quite simple: standard LCD screens aren’t designed for viewing in direct sunlight. They do not have a high enough contrast level to be used right under the sun. As a result, for many entrepreneurs who want to put up some screens outside their shops in order to attract customers, it is difficult to find a monitor that people will be able to see during the day.

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