How To Select A Docker Hosting Service

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Web Hosting

It is impossible not to run into someone talking about the advantages of Docker if you are having a conversation with anyone in your IT department or in the IT field in general.

There are many different applications for Docker, including the use of this technology for web hosting sites. Since many businesses are moving to Docker, creating Docker hosting services has become an important service that many of the top hosting companies now provide.

Just as there are differences in shared hosting, cloud hosting, and bare metal server hosting, there is also a lot of difference in what you can expect from any Docker hosting service. Avoid using a brand new hosting service and instead, choose a service that is already established with a top reputation with their clients.

There is a bit of confusion about the use of a specific hosting service designed for Docker. After all, the containers can be used with any server, which is part of the appeal and versatility of this system. However, not all systems work with the containers to provide the performance that people expect, want and require.


One of the key components to look for in any Docker hosting service is the customization factor. Some services will offer full customization while others may not be as flexible and customizable.

The biggest factor to consider with this will be the ability to allocate resources for the different containers in use. This will be particularly important with larger applications and needs but not as critical with smaller applications.

Firewalls and Security Features

Docker containers will need the same level of security as your server uses. This will need to include a firewall as well as standard scans and monitoring. By using a managed service this part of the server will all be maintained for you, all with consideration to the Docker services operating on the server.

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