What Should You Know About Enterprise Networks Design?

by | Apr 12, 2018 | IT Services

If you are a business in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is in the market for new enterprise networks, design is an important part of the process. While the contractor you hire to do the design for you will take care of most of the hard work, it is still important to understand exactly what goes into a project like this. We’ll look at important things that are considered while designing a network to give you a basis to begin at.

Security & Connectivity

There are a million things that go into connectivity in the modern world. The real challenge is being as connected as needed while also ensuring there is enough security to avoid problems. This is something that is important in the design phase of a network. Companies like IT Partners+ will determine where data is stored, how it is accessed, and what kind of devices are able to connect to it.


Another facet of network designing is ensuring that the network is able to run smoothly at all times. Also included in this is determining ways to cut costs. This often requires a full audit of all systems in place. If almost everyone in the organization uses the same types of devices and software, it’s much easier and less expensive to add new things like patches when they come along.


When we talk about redundancy, what it means is having backups available for anything that is critical on a network. With two or more servers, if something happens to one of them, the information is still available on the other server. Extra connections, laptops, routers, and switches are all part of designing a network to be useful, even when things aren’t working the way they should be.

Disaster Recovery

Having options when something goes wrong is important. This is especially true when an actual disaster strikes. While this includes having backup servers, it also means having a plan for backup power, and what should happen if a crash occurs with the network. While these sorts of situations don’t happen often, you want to be prepared for office disasters, city disasters, and other natural disasters. It’s better to have a plan for something that never happens than have something happen for which there is no plan.

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