4 Important Things to Know About Building Restaurant Sites

The perfect site is crucial to building your business. Given that a lot of people go online these days to check out restaurants before they book dining reservations or head on out to dinner, it pays to have a site designed to help your customers find their way to your door. Here’s what you need to know to make the most out of your site:

1. Food photos matter, says design shack. One of the first things people look at when they pay a visit to your site is the food you have on offer. If the dishes look mouth-wateringly delicious, then that’s the best way to entice browsers to come into your restaurant and give your menu a try. Blurry images, though, get in the way of that. So make sure you put up hi-resolution images that bring every meal to life and really show your dishes in the best light.

2. Ambiance is another factor. Most people book restaurants not just for the food but for the right ambiance. So make sure your site reflects that element of your business. Consistency is key. Your site should feel and look like your business in real life. If there’s a disconnect between the two—if your site uses design that’s too far from the vibe in your restaurant—that could turn customers off and push them to look for something else entirely, losing you potential customers in the end.

3. Use responsive web design. Ease of use is another winning feature. The easier it is to use your site, the more people will love to stay and look around. One way to improve your site’s navigation and performance is to opt for a responsive web design for restaurants. This makes it convenient for customers to view your pages on their devices, whether they’re on mobile, a tablet or laptop.

4. Play around with texture and color. Depending on the textures and color combinations you use, you could drive higher traffic to your site and increase your revenue or doom your site to the lower ranks. Poor, boring color choice don’t attract people so there goes your potential traffic. But by choosing bright, wonderful colors that connect and make sense to your business and audience, then you stand a better chance at getting more people to visit your site. And the higher the traffic you have, the more customers you get.

With these pointers, getting your site to match your business should be easy!

Restaurant eSolutions offers quality website solutions to help you achieve your business goals. For more on our services, call us!

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