What is search engine optimization?

Arizona SEO servicesSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the skill involved in creating web pages that rank high in the search engine returns. There are a number of techniques used to optimize a web site including the HTML coding for each page. There are certain specifics that are read by the major search engines and a well optimized site can be assured of visits and free referral traffic.

There is a great deal of discussion between those involved in SEO in Illinois but there are several methods and the methods chosen depend to a degree on the type of website, the content of the site, the purpose of the site and the website owners competition. Although there are several methods that can be employed, SEO relies heavily on the correct selection and use of keywords and key phrases which accurately reflect the products, services or content offered.

Each individual web page has a title as part of the source code. The keywords that are used will first appear here, in the title. The same keywords will appear in the META description and the META keywords section of the coding. Those involved in SEO in Illinois know that each page of a web site should have its own unique keywords and the title page of each page should use one or more of the keywords to get maximum optimization by the search engine.

SEO relies quite heavily on keywords and phrases, specialists in this art will write content for each page of the web site where the keywords and phrases appear in the first two paragraphs and then sprinkled here and there throughout the page and then these keywords should appear again in the last or next to last paragraph. To avoid being branded as “Black Hat” it is recommended that keyword density be managed and should lie in the range of 5 to 15%. This is where a specialist in SEO in Illinois uses his or her judgment, making sure that the keywords are not used too repetitively. It also helps with placement if the heading fields H1 and H2 also contain the most important keywords or phrases.

Other tricks that do not cause the search engine to ignore the site are to name image files and anchors with keywords. Anchors are those crosslink’s that refer to other pages on the site. Another excellent method to employ is back-links. These are links from external sites as well as to external sites and these back-links are also ideal places to point to external sites that contain the same keywords as your site.

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