Potential Dangers of DIY SEO

SEO in Las Vegas is a lot like it is anywhere else but if you’re catering to the tourist, it’s highly competitive. Even if you cater to locals, the internet is filled with others who want your customers’ attention, too.  By doing SEO yourself you could save a bit of money but will you really get the kinds of results you’re hoping for.  Beyond not getting fantastic results, there could be some dangers of DIY SEO, too, including the following:

Getting Blacklisted

The wrong moves might not get you SEO results. But they could actually get you in trouble. If you’re trying to rank for popular  phrases in your industry related to Las Vegas, SEO efforts that you’re using could get you in trouble if you do the wrong things. Some outdated methods are what beginners believe they should be doing.  A professional SEO company knows how to do things the right way so that you get results and avoid looking like a spammer.

Putting too Many Eggs in One Basket

DIY SEO’ers often try too much of one thing. Lack of diversification could mean that you don’t get the results you want or it could also mean that you put so much effort into one area that if something goes wrong and that method no longer works all of a sudden, you’ll be left scrambling. Plummeting traffic often happens as a result of relying on one traffic source, one keyword phrase, and so on.

Being Unaware of Important Developments in the SEO World

SEO isn’t static; it’s evolving. Part of a professional SEO Las Vegas professional’s job is to stay abreast of changes in the industry so that he or she can react to them and ensure that clients don’t suddenly get blindsided. DIY SEO hobbyists often find out about major algorithm changes after their site has taken a big hit with Google.

Running Out of Time

Do you really have time to run your business and run a multi-faceted SEO campaign? Even if you do, now, what about when SEO efforts start paying off? You’ll get busy with business and neglect SEO. Or worse, you’ll continue to be wrapped up in your SEO and your new business opportunities will come to naught because you don’t have the time to dedicate to them.

Let the experts at Innvio help you with your SEO. Las Vegas search engine optimization companies are not all equal. Talk to us about what we can do for you.

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