Low Cost, High Functionality, Unmanaged VPS cpanel hosting

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Web design

Whether you’re an experienced website host, or you’re just getting your feet wet, there are many benefits of vps cpanel hosting. With only a minimal investment in hardware you can host multiple instances of operating systems. Not only can you run multiple OS’s, you can host several different kinds of OS’s on a single physical server. Server virtualization has become more popular in recent years, making it a cost effective method of hosting sites and data services. From providers to end point users, you can make a minimal investment in your servers, or find a cost effective leasing option.
Virtual servers offer the flexibility of new software and hardware, usually at a fraction of the price. Using a virtual manager, older hardware can be used to emulate brand new hardware. Most commercial Cpanel vps hosting services provide several options for the software your vps uses. You can use the latest and greatest hardware and software, without the high costs associated with outright purchasing a brand new server. With the use of virtual software you will need only minimal licensing, possibly saving thousands of dollars on your data service needs.
Some vps cpanel hosting services cost less than investing in a small data server for your office or home. Since cheap cpanel vps options are available, even a well established domain host will benefit from a long term lease plan. The only downside to vps hosting is the limitation of hardware per customer. Different levels of performance require different amounts of RAM space and processor time. If you choose to invest more in RAM space and processor time, you most likely won’t even notice a difference between a virtual or physical server.
A virtual private server will no doubt be more cost effective than outright purchasing a data server, but you will need to carefully assess your hardware needs. Your virtual server will have a set quota of hardware allowed per OS instance, and you will need to choose just how much RAM and processor time your instance needs. You can always upgrade later with a virtual server, usually with only a minor increase in your service rates. Most vps hosting services require only a monthly payment to maintain service, so a long term contract won’t be an issue if you need to change your service plan.


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