Managing Web Content with CMS

CMS, content management software is a program which has been specifically designed to manage the content on a web site, in particular text, images and multi-media. Although many people have experience with the software, they may not know it. One of the most common uses of content management software is on social networking sites, but this far from the only place that CMS plays a vital role.

CMS is of benefit to those who need to enter information into a computer, including maintaining a blog. Those who gain most from it are those with little or no skill in HTML, hyper text markup language, the language of the web. Many companies who make full use of the internet in their day to day affairs often use Joomla VirtueMart templates to keep entry unified and simple. The template can be designed to suit their unique needs, it saves money as the company does not have to train all those who access the web site in HTML.

Much of the content management software is provided free on their company network or on the internet. The software is a valid for intranets as it is for the web. The product itself and the use of it is quite intuitive, those users with minimal experience should have little or no difficulty in picking it up.

The primary criticism of much of content management software is the fact that it all looks the same, it stifles creativity and all sites begin to take on a common feel and look. This is true with any site that uses a standard web template; that is why Joomla VirtueMart templates are available in such a great variety. It is not necessary when you use custom templates to streamline the production at for the sake of creativity, this cannot be said for stock templates.

Nothing is perfect, content management software is no different; it does have limitations. In many cases, advanced HTML may not be allowed so the result is a basic static web site. Some of the fields used to manage the content may also be a limiting factor, if the number of characters allowed is limited, it may be difficult to convey a message that makes sense.


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