LCD Touch Screens in the Industrial Environment

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Computer And Internet

Touch screens have been around for more than a decade. However, they only rose to popularity after smartphones were released in 2007. Even though Bill Gates introduced the first touchscreen tablet in 2001, Apple perfected the concept and introduced the iPhone in 2007. However, while people generally use touch screens in computers and mobile phones for media consumption, industrial applications differ considerably. LCD touch screens have been used in industries for many years now.

They are used for numerous purposes, such as entering and locking doors, operating machinery, and providing a control interface for machines and computers. Liquid crystal displays are much sharper than plasma screens, and provide greater color quality and video depth. Because of their portable size and slim design, these touch screens are widely used in a variety of different applications.

The Industrial Environment

It is obvious that a conventional LCD screen cannot be used in the industrial environment. The industrial environment is extremely harsh, with high temperatures and other external elements that can cause damage to the screen. For instance, conventional LCD displays can get damaged if exposed to water. However, there are certain companies that manufacture LCD touch screens solely for the industrial environment. These screens are different from ordinary LCD displays.

They are encased in a reinforced shell that provides protection from any external elements such as water and other liquids. Many industrial LCD screens are IP 67 certified, thus ensuring that the machine does not get damaged if exposed to water. Many of these screens also come with additional features, such as enhanced touch sensitivity. Many industrial workers often have to wear gloves throughout the course of the day.

Obviously, you can’t use an ordinary touch screen display if you have gloves on. However, industrial displays are fitted with additional touch sensors which make it easy for people to use them while wearing gloves. Many touch screens are fitted with industrial computers and provide a number of preset options for running different processes.

Buying an Industrial LCD

These touch screens are not sold at standard computer shops. Instead, these screens must be ordered beforehand. Many companies that order such screens often require them in bulk quantities. If you are looking to buy an industrial LCD touch screen, the first step is to find a local company that manufactures industrial computers and touch screens. Ask for a quote from the company before you place an order. Many companies offer major discounts in order to stay competitive in the market, so you might be able to get a better price for the touch screen.

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