Innovative Elements for Modern Web Design

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Web design

If there’s one thing that’s constant in web design, it’s that nothing stays the same. Even if search engine algorithms weren’t constantly shifting their focus and driving constant changes to how websites are built and what they feature, human nature craves novelty. Just like fashion and architecture, web design is a functional art that taps into the modern zeitgeist to constantly reinvent style. If you like to keep your website ahead of the curve, a company specializing in website design in Kenya can help you incorporate some the latest innovations into your website.

Bright, Bold Color

While many designers have been sticking with a subdued palette, bright, bold colors are definitely a trend that’s making its mark on website design. They appeal to younger users and create a hip, progressive tone. This can be especially good for businesses suffering from a stuffy or old-fashioned reputation that are looking to reinvent themselves.

Voice Searching

You might think of the web as a visual medium, but the digital world is increasingly about sound too. Being able to search the web by asking regular questions is rapidly growing in popularity, and this trend shows no sign of slowing. If your website features a search option, giving users the option to vocalize their searches is going to set you apart from the competition.


If you’re thinking about the flashing, blinking animations that covered webpages in the late 1990s, put them out of your mind. To look fresh, animations need to be subtle and an integral part of the page design, not just floating off to the side like an afterthought. Cinemagraphs and features that change when your pointer passes over them, called hover states, are great ways a professional in website design in Kenya can incorporate animation into your website in a way that feels natural and seamless.

Getting Rid of Symmetry

Split screens have been big in web design, but that’s starting to shift. Perfectly symmetrical layouts are starting to look a little stale next to the latest designs, which layout images and text in asymmetric grid patterns. Laying out visual elements in a way that isn’t perfectly symmetrical creates an exciting, unexpected viewing experience but the underlying order (a grid format) prevents it from coming across as chaotic or messy.

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, but if you want to promote your brand as modern and forward thinking, a professional in website design in Kenya can help you incorporate some of these cutting edge trends into your business website. Visit us website.

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