How Salesforce Integration Will Benefit Your Business

Changes in the ways that businesses operate, including changes that can streamline processes and boost efficiency, are not always seen as positive by management or the workforce.

However, when sales are the key part of a company, using Salesforce integration to improve customer relationship management or CRM effectiveness makes a very positive change. By highlighting the benefits of this integration to all employees and sales staff , it is an easy sell to set up Salesforce integration and to have the sales and marketing team, programs and apps all effectively sharing data to make informed beneficial decisions.

Hire Professionals

It is critical to hire professionals to complete the Salesforce integration for any business. Having a way to share data between apps only works if the apps are able to communicate with each other and share the accurate information. This includes correctly labeling fields, addressing how to ensure fields are added across all apps when added on and other types of potential issues.

Planning Metrics

With the use of Salesforce and integrating various applications, there is a need to actually discuss tracking, metrics, analytics, and processes that are currently in place. Often through these discussions, there are redundancies or omissions noted that can be addressed in the integration process.

This discussion and exercise, while it may seem basic, also allows the sales and marketing team to identify areas where the current system is not meeting specific needs. By addressing this during the integration not only is the system designed for what is needed and cuts out redundancies, but it also allows for planning for future needs.

Finally, with all the different tools and options that Salesforce offers, there are endless possibilities to customize and refine the system. To avoid overwhelming people, consider starting with the basic requirement and adding on as competence and confidence in using Salesforce grow in the company.

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