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Dot5 Hosting is a web hosting company founded in 2002 which offers valuable services and solutions to numerable companies online. Having won many awards like ‘best budget host’ and “best web host”, they provide a variety of qualitative web hosting facilities for their customers at reasonably affordable prices. Their staff consists of courteous and mannered representatives who cater to customer problems.

Price/ Cost Effectiveness:

Dot5 Hosting provides a huge bunch of features for web hosting, with hosting plans available at a price as low as $3.95/month. They have a quarterly plan ($6.95), a 6 month plan ($6.95), a 1 year plan ($5.95) and a 2 year plan ($4.95)/month. With an affordable price like this customers can now avail of many characteristics to build up better prospects for business. With unlimited domains, free domain names, unlimited bandwidth amongst a few, users can be sure of getting a wholesome reliable deal.

Customer Service:

Their customer support team operates 24/7 round the clock. Hence, you can be assured of getting your problems and doubts regarding web hosting all figured out. Their staff consists of courteous and helpful representatives offering valuable solutions to your problems. Online chats are also made available to correspond with a professional online to get answers to your queries.

Control Panel:

Dot5 Hosting offers a reliable and dependable control panel that can guide you always. With sole control over your account, you can now have total access to all aspects of your website. You can add email accounts, control CGI bin, install CGI scripts, create various sub domains, and manage MySQL database and much more. These features present in the control panel ensure a smoother and better experience for customers.

Data/ Reliability Center :

Dot5 Hosting has a network of over 800 server processes. They have an N+1 power system and supplies both A/C and D/C power. They also have a pool server facility that can provide access to any website files by their network servers. The entire infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by a qualified staff. Because of their highly reliable server system, sites are loaded in less time and fewer interruptions are made. There also exists a secondary unit for all machines in case of primary machine failure.

Hosting Packages:

30 day money back guarantee, 24/7 support, unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited transfer, unlimited POP3 email boxes, support international domain names, Log files, Google webmaster tools, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email forwarding, unlimited auto responders, unlimited sub domains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL database, CGI bin and library, server sides includes, frontpage extensions, FTP access, spam protection, webmail, web based file manager, custom error pages, high performance DELL servers, shopsite online, SSL secure server, password protection directories, real audio and video support, flash support, PHP/PERL5/, wordpress blog, photo gallery, online chat, JavaScript/HTML, Flash/Shockwave, guestbook, web calendar, web page and document editor.


Dot5 Hosting provides all elements and features that our needed for effective online business.

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