Does Website Hosting Affect Google Rankings

You start receiving website traffic once you create a snazzy looking website and host it on the World Wide Web. But an important thing to ponder upon in website hosting is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. More web owners overlook this important aspect and merely focus on hosting features, pricing structures and tools.

Many people believe that a unique IP address is sufficient enough for higher ranking of website on search engines. But one must not overlook an important fact that majority of websites are hosted on shared IPs.

If you have opted for cheap web hosting company that may be following unethical practices and hosting scam sites, spammers or other blacklisted sites like gambling or porn, your site will stand risk of being banned or penalised. This would considerably affect your SEO rankings.

If the server has virtual shared IP hosting, and if Google penalises IP and server on account of spamming, then your website could also be penalised or banned. If your website server is hosting adult content then Google can decide to ban both websites. Your website visibility will suffer and affect SEO ranking, although this is not always the case.

Domain selection also affects ranking of SEO. Other factors that affect ranking include server speed, servers that are frequently down or blacklisted servers.

In order to rank high your site need to rank in multiple countries. Search engines associate region or country with a website through Geo Targeting.

Google has 130 countries in Top Level Domains (TLDs)., denotes particular country – United Kingdom and India respectively.

Search engine uses following information to associate particular country or region with a website.

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