Common Mistakes Amateur Chicago Web Designers Make

Hiring an expert web designer is essential for your business’s online presence. Without a qualified designer, your website is going to suffer and get lost in the nothingness of cyberspace. Here are some mistakes that amateurs make to show you why you need to hire professional Chicago web designers in order for your business to compete and succeed in the marketplace.

Making the Purpose Unclear
Potential customers who are surfing the web aren’t going to spend a lot of time on a website to see if it offers what they are looking for. In fact, most users won’t spend more than a few seconds on any website if they can’t figure out what it has to offer. If you want your website to succeed, your web designer must be sure to communicate its purpose on the home page where it’s easy to find right away.

Creating Jumbled Content
Content is very important for your website. It brings potential customers back to your website because it offers helpful information, but it also helps your page get ranked higher in the search engines. But if your content is one long paragraph or doesn’t have any breaks in it, the visitors to your website aren’t going to read it. They are more likely to read content that is broken up into bullet points, short paragraphs and spaces between paragraphs. This causes visitors to spend more time on your page and they will be more likely to come back as a returning customer as well.

Using Flowery Language
Your content and headlines on your website should use everyday language that everyone can understand. If you try to use flowery words or language that only a few people can understand, you are going to alienate a large number of visitors. This doesn’t mean that you have to talk down to your visitors, but you should choose language that won’t make your business sound pretentious.

Embedding Music
Few things are as frustrating as going to a website and suddenly hearing music blaring through your computer speakers. There was a time when embedding music into your website was impressive and it grabbed the attention of visitors, but that’s no longer the case. In fact, visitors to your website will click away from your page within the first few notes. Your Chicago web designers should avoid adding this embellishment and keep things simple.

Adding Clutter
People want to see a simple and organized website when they are searching for a business that offers the products and services they need. Don’t allow your business website to get cluttered with ads, banners, animations and other things. In many cases, less is more.

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