Your Chicago Web Development Experts Discuss Tips for a Better Site

by | Jan 31, 2013 | Web design

Creating the best website for your business is essential if you want it to be effective in drawing traffic and customers. Your Chicago web development experts can help you build the best website possible with some of the following strategies and techniques that are designed to help your site give you an edge on the competition.

Fast Loading Pages
Few things are as frustrating for a web user than pages that won’t load quickly. As a business owner with an online presence, you only have a couple seconds to get the attention of someone who is visiting your page. If it takes your website longer than a few short seconds to load, those visitors are going to click to a different website which may very well be your competitor’s site. The only time visitors notice the loading speed of a site is when it’s slow. Your Chicago web development firm can make sure your page loads as fast as possible.

Provide Information for Skimming
When visitors come to your website, they are looking for quick information. If you have too much information crammed on your first page, it’s likely to overwhelm your visitors and they may click to another page within just a few seconds. You should provide a concise amount of information about your business that visitors can easily skim.

User-Friendly Navigation
Another component of a great website is its ease of navigation. Visitors to your site don’t want to search for links and tabs to take them to the information they are looking for. That’s why you shouldn’t bury your links somewhere deep in the page. Keep the links front and center so visitors can easily click around your site to learn more about your business and the products and services you offer. Your visitors will stay longer and more likely become a customer instead of just a visitor.

Proper Spelling and Grammar
This might not seem important, but proper grammar and spelling is essential if you want people to respect your website and your business. If your website is riddled with words spelled wrong, incomplete sentences and other grammatical problems, you will lose any credibility you have with the people who visit your site. Your Chicago web development team should be able to handle that for you with qualified writers who can provide great content with zero errors so your website content properly reflects your company’s brand.

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