Common Issues With Volusion Integration

Volusion is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and is used by companies of all sizes from around the world. It is generally considered to be very user-friendly and provides a range of templates, features, and tools to make setting up and operating an online store relatively easy.

However, when going beyond the basics and making changes to the templates and features in the design, there can be troubles with Volusion integration. Hiring Volusion specialists is the easiest way to resolve these differences and ensure the volusion integration works smoothly without creating problems for the website or your customers.

Volusion and eBay

As expected, Volusion and eBay can be connected relatively easily through the Volusion integration feature. This is a wonderful and highly effective way to increase your target audience through eBay, but it’s not without potential challenges.

In many cases, some of the problems with the integration will be in the mismatch between settings in the Volusion account and the eBay seller’s account. This can include payment problems, incorrect listing categories displayed or problems with how the description or images are entered or selected. Finding these issues if you aren’t familiar with the two systems can be daunting, but integration specialists can easily track down the minor issues that are causing major problems.

Volusion and PayPal

PayPal is the most widely accepted online payment options, so adding PayPal Express checkout to your Volusion store makes good business sense. However, this is not always as simple as it appears. There can be issues with combining different PayPal accounts as the seller and you will have to have a separate account for PayPal Express and PayPal Pro. There are different requirements for approval on certain transactions.

For online stores with subscriptions or recurring billing, issues can occur when trying to checkout with these types of items in the cart. Setting up specific messages and checkouts for these items will be necessary for the system to process the sale.

Amazon and Volusion

Similar to eBay, Volusion integration with Amazon is not always as easy as setting up the account and following the online tutorial. In many situations, the integration problem becomes an issue when customers go to check out and pay.

Often the biggest issues are in problems with the code used to create the checkout button. A Volusion specialist can quickly determine if this is the issue and completely revamp the checkout process quickly and effectively so you can get back to business.

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