Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Services stations rely on customers that return. It is less expensive to bring in an existing customer than it is to try to source out new business. With that in mind, you want to make sure your locations are providing the best possible experience for your customers. A satisfied customer is going to come back, but if they are not impressed you have lost business. There are some simple ways that you can improve the customer service experience that your customers receive.


The inner workings of a vehicle can be quite complex, and many customers can feel overwhelmed by it. This lack of understanding can cause some people to be hesitant to trust their service providers. To help reverse this feeling, you can make sure your systems, schedules, and services are more transparent. One method to accomplish this is to provide an easy to follow infographic of the work that needs to be performed. There are quick lube POS systems that can help you do this. They allow your customers to see what maintenance is due, and what will need to be done soon. This provides your customers comfort in knowing that the services being recommended are actually needed. Building trust is an important foundation in the customer experience.


It is important that your staff build a feeling of familiarity with your customers. Simple tracking systems that allow your staff to see vehicle history and other information can help. Many systems allow your staff to pull up maintenance history via the vehicle VIN. This lets your staff talk to the customer with great confidence. Customers who are approached by staff that know when their last visit was and what work was done are going to feel that they are important to your business. This works to improve the relationship with the customer and your company, which drives repeat service.

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