The Reasons To Use Cake PHP

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Software Company

Web development companies in Atlanta have the choice to use a wide variety of different frameworks that all use PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language. The choice of which specific option in PHP to use will make a difference, so top companies are careful to select the correct option for a given website.

One of the more popular options of PHP used for the development of websites that include multiple features is CakePHP. This is a relatively new option that was developed and released in 2005. As this is an open source web development platform, it has been around long enough for some great codes to be in place, saving time and eliminating the need to write a lot of the code.

No Fees and Less Time

As with all open source web frameworks, there are never any licensing fees or any type of cost to use the framework. However, the user can access contributions by other members of the community that will work with any PHP codes that are available.

The use of the pre-written codes is also helpful for an Atlanta web development company. There is no need to go back over the basics in writing code, saving you time on getting websites through the design and development and into the testing and approval phase.

Keep in mind that the codes offered through CakePHP have all been tested. This takes the guesswork out of creating a website and limits the time spent in the process.


One of the big advantages to CakePHP is that it uses what is known as a Model-View-Control pattern. This means that there are different layers to the website that allow for more efficient and effective used of the data while providing the end-user with a user-friendly, highly appealing website.

The choice of this option in PHP framework is an advantage for any Atlanta web development company to use. Not only does it assist in a top performing website, but it offers the flexibility your customers want.

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