Tips For Web Design And Development

The design of your website plays a significant role in advertising your business online. It is often challenging to the webmaster and designer associated with it. In addition to keywords, design, content, search engine marketing, navigability and SEO, there are certain other essential factors. These factors must not be overindulged as they can yield negative returns resulting in loss for your business. However, more or less all reputed web design companies follow certain essential web design tips. These include:

  1. Clear and Easy Navigation: Your site should be simple, easily navigable and interesting enough to induce visitors to check it out well. In order to achieve this, a clear and easy navigation system is essential. Put the important links at the most prominent place in all the pages. The most preferred position is right on top of your home page, as well as other pages. You can also place some of the menus on the right and left side of your page. Always link as many pages of your site as possible and allow the users to access information from all parts of your site. You can also use footers for your most important links.

  2. Use of White Space: It is better to avoid cluttering up your web page with too many colorful fonts, images and backgrounds. Your users may find them distracting and annoying. Therefore, minimize the use of graphics as much as possible and use a lot of white space as it provides usual relief to your users. Moreover, white space provides a feeling of overall neatness, as well as spaciousness to your site.

  3. Avoid Plug-Ins and Multimedia: Using unnecessary plug-ins and multimedia can lessen the number of visitors. Using such types of programs can make increase the downloading time of your web pages which would discourage users and tempt them to go to other similar websites with better relevant information and content. Thereby, go for the various formats that are user friendly such as .GIF, .HTML, and .JPEG images and sound formats like .AIF, .WAV and .Au. It is also better to avoid PostScript document files as most of the users do not have a PostScript viewer.

  4. Fast Loading Web Site Designs: This is one of the most important tips that every web design service provider needs to follow. Even a fabulous looking website will have only a few visitors, if it takes excessive time to load. The standard time for loading is 15 seconds, so ask your web design company to optimize it accordingly.

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