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In earlier decades and centuries, medical billing might have been as simple as a face to face transaction between doctors and patients. However, in today’s landscape of insurance, co-pays, government programs, private practice, and a vast range of services, taking payment for medical services is a much more complicated matter.

Medical billing software is a digital way to If you’ve had enough of manually submitting and following up on claims for patient services, let AZZLY simplify your operations with an efficient and accurate solution. We dedicate our time to providing highly competitive, quality medical billing software that ensures you receive the funds you need, while also giving your patients better service.

Count on AZZLY.

How much time, energy, and money have you spent managing your billing cycle by hand? Even the most excellent medical office is going to experience human errors, not to mention the various mistakes made by patients and insurers. Minimize the struggle with medical billing software designed to reflect the real-world flow of your office with fantastic accuracy and speed. The AZZLY system will provide claim scrubbing, auto-appeal rules engine, and electronic patient statements more than just organizing claims and payments.

We understand that your practice is going to change over time, including prices, national and state programs, insurance regulations, patient situations, and so much more. Know that AZZLY medical billing software is designed to evolve with your practice, and adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape of health care. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the global community by supporting each client’s daily operations.
Whether you’re a private practice or in a medium-sized office with several other physicians, trust AZZLY to provide the up to date competitive billing system you need. This is the way to continue to be a leader in your medical profession.

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It’s easy to get started with the medical billing software from AZZLY. Contact us by phone, fax, or email. Our staff is standing by to help you select the best system for your office and to provide re-registry and technical support. Don’t waste another minute with sub-par payment systems – call today!

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