Get Better Proposals – 5 Key Items for Your EMR RFP Template

Choosing vendors to help fulfill your organization’s mission is a time-consuming process. Reviewing applications is even more difficult if your request for proposal omits important information that can help you make a good purchasing decision.

There are lots of EMR RFP templates available that you can customize. Just make sure your template puts your electronic medical record needs front and center to increase the chance that you’ll get solid, useful applications.

5 Key Items to Include in Your Template

Vendor Specialty Requirements

. Set guidelines for vendor location and amount of experience in your city, county or state. Ask for specific information regarding years of experience with your target population and request the number of clients in your field.

Security Features

. Ask how the vendor’s product satisfies HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. Does the product provide customized security levels for employee access? Request specific information on patient data protection.

Tech Requirements and Support

. Determine if new software will require other additional purchases. Ask about the vendor’s hardware and operating system requirements. Get specific information on product support and hours of availability.

Licensing and Other Costs

. Find out how license fees are charged and how they apply to part-time users. What training costs will your organization incur? Ask for a list of fees for additional training and support or other enhanced services. What upgrades are available, and at what cost?

Timeline and Submission Requirements

. What format do you expect your applicants to use? Explain your specific timeline needs and provide the deadline for application.

Your EMR RFP template is more than just a vendor selection tool. It’s a first step in developing a relationship with your vendor. By starting with clear communication about expectations and capacity, you and your vendor can work together to provide the best care for your patients and clients.

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