Improve User Experience Through Professional Atlanta Web Development

While it is common to hire a company for web development as a startup or rebranded Atlanta business, there is also a need to hire these services for established businesses as well.

Small issues with a website can be driving away new customers as well as your existing customer base. Most consumers won’t bother to report a problem with the website; they will simply abandon the cart and move on to the next company on the search engine results page. It may be that a sudden increase in abandoned carts is your first indication that there is a problem. Higher than average bounce rates, low conversions and other drops in traffic are also potential warning signs.

Using a web development service to address these issues on an existing site is well worth the time. These companies can check for the common and hidden issues with the website and help to build a very positive end-user experience.

Check the Code

When websites are running on old coding language, it is very common to find the problems with the website is between the code and the browser support offered. New browsers are designed for HTML 5 coding language, and older versions may not be effective. Upgrading your Atlanta business website to new code can correct these issues.

Advance Testing on All Browsers

Older websites may have been tested on the top browsers in use when the website was launched, but never on the new browsers and browser versions in use today. However, some consumers will continue to use older browsers, so it is important for the web development service to test across all major browsers and going back a determined number of versions.

Site Performance Improvements

Old technology on the website may also be slowing page loads and multimedia applications on the websites. With today’s consumers demanding pages that load immediately and are responsive to the device, upgrading these features to improve end-user experience will have a positive experience on customer satisfaction with the site.

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