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Apollo Hosting has existed in the web hosting industry and rendered its services to customers for almost a decade. They were formally one of the first companies to offer 24/7/365 customer support. They have also earned recognition in this industry by having alliances with renowned names like Microsoft, RedHat Linux, SW Soft, Cisco and Yahoo search marketing.

Apollo Hosting provides strong and varied tools in order for business clients to be well-equipped to ensure smooth business venturing. They also offer regular and free upgrades with the expansion of your business. They also acquire a Tier 1 backbone connection that facilitates reliable, fast and accurate connectivity.

Price/ Cost Effectiveness:

With facilities like 30 days money-back guarantees and price-freeze guarantees, Apollo Hosting provides secured and valued services for the fee you pay. They also offer a free 7 month hosting, or a 30% discount for all pre-payments. Priced from $3.95- $ 6.95, they have two plans namely – starter plan and prime plan. These consist of vibrant packages like 50-unlimited GB storage, unlimited websites, 500-5000 email addresses and spam/virus filters. They also have shared hosting plans known as windows plus plan and windows pro plan. These have 10GB-60GB storage, 1000- 2000GB bandwidth, 10-100 websites, virus filters and many more. These hosting packages make it reasonable and valuable for your business.

Customer Service:

Apollo Hosting is one of the few web hosting companies that have an in house technical support team. They cater to all customer queries 24/7 and have a knowledgebase that provides solutions to different customer problems. They also have forums which enable interaction with other customers. Their online manuals and video tutorials also have a simple and user-friendly manner of explaining the know-how of your control panel, emailing, data operations.

Control Panel:

Apollo Hosting consists of two types of control panels namely – HSP control panel and Plesk control panel. These web control centers offers different control panel features according to the types of users. They manage users and access, file restoring and backup, web server management, file-managers, custom buttons management and many more. Plesk control panel resembles an XP interface and proves to be very user-friendly and simple to operate.

Data/ Reliability Center :

Apollo Hosting has a Tier 1 connection with Frontier GlobalCenter, Qwest Communications and Genuity carriers, and have 150,000 routes in order for smooth data transfers and distribution. They have their lines solely designed for effective web hosting. They have custom-built machines for an ongoing 24/7 web serving environment. They also have 450 watt power supplies and cooling systems and uninterrupted power supplies and secured data monitoring facilities.

Hosting Packages:

Online web design program, high quality hosting, 500-1000 email addresses, 50GB-4000MB storage capacity, unlimited websites, 500GB-1200GB data transfer, 256-1024MB RAM and much more.


Ideal web hosting features for business development and expansion.

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