The Steps Involved With a Commercial VOIP Telephone System Installation In Plainfield, IN

The phone system a company uses is an integral part of its operations, as it allows customers and other vendors to communicate with employees seamlessly. While there are a variety of phone systems that help to streamline the communication process, one type gaining popularity is VOIP based, as they offer significant cost savings when compared to traditional telephone service. The following is a look at the steps involved with VOIP telephone system installation in Plainfield IN and how it saves a company money and frustration.

System Design

During the first step, the vendor will meet with the business owner and determine what the company’s needs are. From there, the vendor will help the client select the type of phones that are needed and determine if any updates to an existing network are required for the system to operate reliably. The specifications of the phone system will vary based on the size of the network and the number of lines required.

Wiring and Server Installation

After the system has been designed and the customer has approved the work, the technicians will get to work installing all of the various components required for operation. The central server is usually placed next to any existing IT equipment and requires a hardwire connection to the internet. Once the server is in place, the technician will determine if any additional ethernet ports are necessary and will run the required wires before installing the phones.

Extension Installation and Training

The last step of Telephone System Installation in Plainfield IN involves programming the phones, so they have a dedicated extension number. Once the lines are registered to the system, they will be plugged in and tested. The technicians will then perform basic training on the phone system and ensure that each employee with an extension is comfortable using the various features of the system.

The right phone system will streamline the communication process for a company of any size. The team at Innovative Communication Solutions Inc. offers a variety of bespoke options that will meet the needs of any size budget. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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