Social Media Marketing is Important to the Growth of Your Business

If you are noticing that you are suddenly loosing customers and that you are no longer getting new customers, it may be because of your marketing efforts or lack of marketing. If you are not engaging in social media marketing, you can be missing out on the opportunity to retain customers and acquire new ones. Hiring a Los Angeles social media company can help you learn more about social media marketing and why it is so effective for many businesses today. A social media company can help you determine exactly which type of social media marketing your company should be engaging in. There are four social media outlets that are used most often, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

How Twitter Works

Twitter allows you 140 characters for which to get out a branding message, provide expert advise or share something that is relevant to your business, to a wide audience. As you begin to send out tweets, you begin to build your twitter followers. These followers are following your tweets because they are interested in what you have to say. These followers are potential customers. The one thing you will want to remember is to tweet daily, if possible. This is how you remain relevant.

How Facebook ‘Likes’ Impact Your Business

Facebook is still one of the most widely recognized form of social media. Facebook allows you to post service information, product information, pictures, run specials and contests. The content that you provide is how you get people to ‘like’ your page. Each person who ‘likes’ your page or your post, is a potential customer. Say something interesting and make sure the consumer knows what you have to offer. With the help of a Los Angeles social media company, you can learn more about the new and exciting Facebook features that will keep your audience engaged.

Social Media Offers Visual Content

Google+ and Instagram are great social media outlets that allow you to offer more visual content. Consumers tend to connect more when visual content is used in your online marketing initiatives. You’ve heard the expression that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’. This means that your picture should be able to convey your idea without any written words. When posting to Google+ or Instagram your images should capture your audiences attention, if they do not, they will simply move on to an image that does. In order to make all of your social media marketing count, you should be concise and consistent.

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