How to get Snapchat filters

If you’re not a regular Snapchat user, or are still learning about it, there are special filters that you can use to overlay on your pictures or videos. The filters that have been available are visual filters and smart filters. When you use a visual filter, these are normal filters that you simply use as an overlay. Smart filters allow you to include information such as the time of day, or even the speed at which the photograph was taken. This would be used, for instance, when you were on a high-speed ride at Disneyland, and you’d be able to communicate part of the experience through this smart filter. These filters are easy to use and are standard with Snapchat.

The creation of Geofilters

A Geofilter is similar to smart and visual filter, but it is only available at specific locations and provides a special design for that location. If you’re a business that is opening a new store, you’ll be able to share your brand with the Snapchat users in your location using on-demand Geofilters. This will help guide potential customers to your store and allow them to also share their experience with their friends on Snapchat once they get there. The feature is relatively new but there are already many locations that are currently using this feature to attract new customers and engage with their existing ones. If you have location services enabled on your phone, you’ll find that there are thousands of places around the world where Geofilters appear. Just swipe when editing your photo and you’ll see what Snapchat geofilters are available in your area.

Snapchat users are submitting new filters all the time and new filters are showing up in areas all over the world every single day. You too can create your own Geofilters either for a personal occasion or to promote your brand. There are different places that you can have your own personalized Geofilters designed, and the price will normally depend on the size of the Geofence you need, as well as how long you’d like the filter to be available. The prices are still very reasonable, even for quite a wide coverage, a filter can cover up to 5 million square feet! Now is a great time to start taking advantage of this attention arbitrage opportunity on Snapchat!

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