How to Avoid Discrepancies With USPS’s Validate Address Tool

When your company is sending out various deliveries to a large number of individuals, families, and clients, having an updated and organized client mailing database is not only wise, but easy with the United States Postal Service (USPS)’s Validate Address tool.

USPS Validate Address Tool

The USPS’s Validate Address tool allows companies to verify a customer’s address before mailing out any company letters or packages. An incorrect customer mailing address entry in your company’s database and cause unnecessary extra costs. By validating the addresses of your clients, USPS can correct any mistakes, such as misspelled abbreviations and names, missing information, and zip codes. By verifying the physical addresses of your clients before sending mail, your company keeps its operations smooth and efficient.

Just a single discrepancy in your database of client mailing addresses can spark further issues with returned mail, leading to increased costs for your company. The wastage of materials, such as paper, ink, and stamps, as well as the energy and time expended by your team can be avoided with a service that validates addresses beforehand.

Errors Eliminated With Address Validation

Your company’s customer mailing records contain precious information: client zip codes, phone numbers, and essential postage details. Any errors in this data can result in your company’s newsletters, pamphlets and other business information getting sent to the wrong address. Mistakes also diminish your company’s good standing with clients and reduces customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. Manually managing a database of customer addresses only increases the likelihood of misinformation.

As your clients relocate and change their mailing details, the need for accurate and up-to-date data becomes ever more critical. With the USPS Validate Address tool, your company can keep a running track record of customers’ information. Client and company updates to the USPS database are handled in real time, and any changes to the records are picked up by the USPS software and managed accordingly, ensuring optimal performance from your company’s delivery procedures.

Worth the Savings

While the USPS program does all of the work, your company saves countless dollars that otherwise would be spent on fees from correcting client addresses and charges from returned mail. The headache your team would endure from correcting the records in your database, the unnecessary phone calls, and the fruitless productivity of your staff can be a thing of the past when you validate client addresses with the USPS software. In sum, expertly managing your mailing database with the USPS’s help makes absolute sense.

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