How Much Does the First Impression Really Count?

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Software Company

Do you make judgments based on first appearances? Do you recall ever hearing negative reviews about a product and never trying it for yourself? Have you made decisions based on color? When you shop, are you immediately drawn to certain themes? The first impression can be the deciding factor whether someone passes a product or stop to take a longer look. A first impression can become a purchase, a profit, and a success. Not only is it important for your products to make a positive first impression, but it can be just as necessary for your kiosk to make a great first impression as well. Custom kiosks may hold images of your entire inventory, so it is important to make this attractive to an audience in hopes of making a profit and returning customers.

What Will You Remember?

Upgrading your kiosk can be costly but often necessary to keep up with the latest styles and appeals. Your website, product, brand, and staff can all be memorable. If you place focus on creating a visually engaging brand and an emotionally engaging team, your business can become a huge success. Placing your logo on your kiosk may be a smart idea to not only attract people with friendly colors and shapes but to bring awareness to your brand. Though, people may be more likely to first be attracted to the colors and design of your logo rather than the brand itself. First impressions can be long-lasting. Be sure to consider what aspects of your business you want people to remember and what will bring them back for a second look.

What Is Your Style?

It is important to choose a style and stick with it. A customer may not remember a business that is always changing its general style or logo. Try to choose methods of communication that will attract people and make your business the one that everyone recommends. Custom kiosks can easily be those that are remembered.

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