Hiring a Zend Developer? 3 Ways to Know If It’s a Yes or No

High bounce rates might be killing the traffic to your site. Bad design and user experience can both drive your customers away and lead to hikes in your bounce rate. One way to keep both from happening is to look into hiring the services of a PHP Zend developer to help you get your site’s framework right. But how do you go about looking for one? Here’s a mini guide to help you out:

Start with experience

Find someone with experience, Forbes says. You want someone who can easily provide you with the custom solutions your site needs. So go for an expert. Find out how long the developer has been in the business. The longer they’ve been around, the better.

Ask about past projects

Plenty of developers might pack a ton of experience. But it might also be a good idea to look for someone who has already worked on similar projects in the past. For instance, someone who’s developed solutions for businesses in the market you’re in will come in handy. Their work on restaurant sites in the past, for instance, can provide them with special insights into the industry and help them create the best custom solutions for your own business.


There’s nothing like a face to face consultation to help you determine if you’ve already found the Zend developer you need for your business or if you need to keep looking. Are you comfortable? Do you feel like there’s something fishy or suspicious about the developer in any way? Does the developer seem trustworthy? Bring along a friend or someone else whose judgment you trust to help you decide.

So don’t let high bounce rates bury your pages from the SERPs. Improve traffic to your site with the help of a credible developer.

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