Dressing Proud: Union Made Apparel

Union made apparel is made by union members and sold to members of the union at a reduced price.  Unions sprung up during what is now known as the labor movement.  They were created in order to protect the workers common interests.  Workers in the industrial sector were able to form unions that fought for safe working conditions, reasonable work hours and better pay.  This movement was also instrumental in stopping child labor and the giving of health benefits to workers as well as retirement benefits and workers compensation. As part of their union pride, most unions have over the years spent money on promotional items such as lapel pins, pens, caps and more.

The forming of unions changed the relationship in the workplace.  Before the formation of unions the employers had all the power.  They set the rules and had all the rights.  They could change the working conditions of the workers and their pay at any time provided they did not violate particular laws such as minimum wage. In addition, employee benefits were at the employer’s discretion as well.  With the formation of unions the power became more balanced and the employees had more bargaining power.  Their working conditions improved, their pay improved and they got more rest time.  Union pride celebrates these achievements and union made apparel is worn many times as a show of solidarity.

Most unions will need to have their promotional items printed professionally. These are inclusive of union t-shirts or caps.  By wearing these items the members of the union are also promoting their union as they become walking billboards.  It is a great way to market your union to those who may be looking for a union home.  Another great offer is to create some simple gifts such as pencils and pens that can be passed on from one person or another.  By doing so, you bring many people’s attention to the existence of your union.

Other promotional items that you can have designed and printed include branded desk calendars that can be distributed in the organizations where the union has members. You must ensure that the print shop you use is a quality shop with all the proper equipment to get the job done well.  Quality should be your priority as well as reasonable pricing.  It is important therefore that you select a company with a long history of union printing. Union made apparel and American made items should indeed be worn with pride celebrating every milestone.

Union made apparel is worn to show solidarity with your fellow union members and pride in your union. You should get your promotional items printed by a quality professional.

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