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by | Apr 29, 2020 | Software Company

There was a time and not even that long ago when creating a proposal to present to a customer took a considerable amount of time. It required a technician to look up matchups then consult a pricebook which then required creating something for the customer to review in the hopes they approved the sale. The entire process has been streamlined so that a technician at a site can create a proposal within minutes to present to their clients in a professional way. The client can then approve the purchase right on site and the work order is then generated.

How Is the Proposal Process Made Simpler?

By using the HVAC Proposals software your employees have access to the AHRI database. They can then more easily add parts or systems to a proposal to present to their clients. The client can also be presented with a visual depiction of the whatever it is they are being asked to buy and can be more comfortable in their purchase. A customer that has the ability to easily understand something is far more likely to be willing to purchase it. One part of a technician’s job is to generate sales for your business and this software suite is one way to make that process far easier for them to accomplish.

Help Your Techs Find the Right Product for Their Clients

One useful tool that comes with the HVAC software suite is the load analyzer. This allows your technicians to input things like the homes measurements, age and number of rooms in order to find the best HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment. This process used to require that a technician take the measurements and then go back to their home office and go thru books of the products to find a match. The load analyzer is connected to a database which can pull some of this useful information within the app and input it automatically. It will then match up with the system that will best fit the client’s needs.

Take Their Payments Right on Site

Another plus to the HVAC software is allowing your technicians to take payments from their customers with the Stripe integration on the platform. By having this included you are truly providing your employees with an all in one solution to every job site they visit. From arriving at a customer’s home with the scheduling tools, then creating a quote for the customer, to taking a payment and scheduling a return visit your technicians have a complete solution at hand.

Enterprise Selling Solutions has created a software suite that will give your employees all they need in order to be more productive for your company.

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