Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work: Why You Need it

When most people find issues with their electrical system, they call a professional electrician. Families and individuals need to ensure that they are safe in their home. It makes sense for them to hire you, but it also means that you have to ensure that the work you do is correct. Countries like Australia require you to have a Certificate of Compliance for electrical work that you perform. That way, if anything happens later, you have proof that you tested the equipment or installation setup and the work that you did was up to standards.

If something were to happen, such as a fire because of faulty wiring, you need proof that you completed the work and that it was done right. Your Certificate of Compliance for electrical work shows that. It includes information about the client, what work was completed, what the test results were, and much more. However, creating these certificates can be difficult and time-consuming. While you can find templates online, it still requires you to fill out a lot of paperwork, usually when you get back to the office after a long day of being in the field. Therefore, it is important that you focus on innovative ways to keep track of these certificates and fill them out in the field.

At QuickSafety, they have developed an app that can help. You get full access to all your certificates, a full and complete record of the work you did, as well as the ability to instantly validate compliance. Your Certificate of Compliance for electrical work can be done faster and without all the paper hassles. You never have to worry about filing the certificates or storing the information for the required five years. You can also use it when you’re not connected to the network, allowing you to create the document anywhere and lodge it then or later.

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