A Simple Guide to SPARC

Technology can be confusing! Even if after searching on the internet, the language of tech articles is enough to make your head spin. This article is a simplified, easy-to-understand for the average person to understand about products such as SPARC. That way, when buying, you can understand what you’re getting when considering how pricey, such as the SPARC M7 price, can get.

What is SPARC?

SPARC stands for Scalable Processor Architecture. Now, what does “architecture” mean? According to What is Tech, computer architecture can be divided into five concepts or subsystems: input/output, information storage, communication, control, and processing. Now, what are those?


An easy way to describe input/output is to think of a keyboard. The input is the physical motion of typing. The output is the letters that appear on the screen.

Information Storage

There are a lot of technical ways to explain the way computers store information. The best way to think of storage is to think of computer memory is perfected human memory.


When someone communicates to someone else, that means that they are conveying information. Thus, when computers communicate, they are conveying information amongst each other. This is typically done via the internet, such as whenever an email is sent.


Control is connected to the output. It’s as simple as an air conditioner, a computer-controlled device, controlling the temperature of the air.


Processing is also connected to input and output. It’s the “process” that occurs between input and output. Again, think of the keyboard. When you press the letter A, a quick process occurs within a computer that allows the letter A to appear on the screen.

With these five components in consideration, it is understandable how the SPARC M7 price for 1.2 terabyte drives (a lot of memory!) cost $110,204 when it first came out! It does all of this, but on a much higher level than an average computer.

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