4 Things To know For Small Business Startups

The name of the game in today’s competitive world is scalability. In a world where entrepreneurship is becoming more common and professionals are looking outside the traditional structure of the nine-to-five job, many startups based in Ephrata, PA are looking for a small business solution. It’s simply not financially feasible to hire a major firm with a high price tag to develop a marketing strategy. That’s where we come in.

Solutions Made to Order

Here at Oostas, we provide customized plans and a la carte solutions for essential features like search engine optimization services, web design services, social marketing services and PPC marketing services. However, we only give what our clients need and strive to work within each unique budget regardless of size. We can handle the big boys, but no job is too small.

The Little Guy is a VIP

We know that the future lies with small businesses and we treat each of our clients like a VIP. Each of our clients is assigned one of our expert specialists who is responsible for answering questions and guiding small business owners through the process of turbocharging web presence. Whether we’re handling social media marketing or a website redesign, we take pride in our stellar customer service skills to deliver courtesy as well as results.

The Results Do the Talking

We pride ourselves on what we can do for our clients by refining SEO strategies to meet the current trends and technological changes. When Google or Facebook’s algorithm changes, we’re on it and will tweak SEO strategies as necessary. Whether a client is starting from scratch and building a small business for the first time or we’re dealing with a tried and true SMB looking for new ways to improve their web presence and findability, we’re here to help our clients succeed. A good place to start is our free website check-up tool or by scheduling a free consultation.

Client Satisfaction at the Core

We’re a people pleasing company with a staff of professionals who know their field inside out. Whether a client is working with one of our social media experts, refining a business plan or have signed up for the all-inclusive tier plan, we believe our success is based on our clients’ happiness. We’re a Pennsylvania-based company who deals frequently with local clients. We can localize SEO search results as well as our own business location. Our clients know we’re on the same page, and we value client trust above all else.

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