Raspberry Pi Programming Examples

The idea that coding is an esoteric art form practiced only by the enlightened few is belied by the ease of coding when you’re not being intimidated by jargon. Raspberry Pi is a hands-on, results oriented way to learn coding and apply it to practical projects that are both educational and satisfying. Raspberry Pi is even used in elementary schools to interest children as young as nine years old in coding, setting up a lifelong interest in STEM that can carry them through their school years, into college, and beyond. This inexpensive computer, the size of a credit card, offers an interesting and educational experience for all ages and levels of ability.

Getting Started

One of the best places to start learning to program your Raspberry Pi is with the official projects book. It’s an easy place to start learning and having fun. There are lots of projects and tutorials to help you get the most out of your Pi. One of the most popular languages for programming is called Python, and in fact your Pi comes with Python 3.3 bundled on board – and just like that you have your first language. So pick up your Pi, download the book, and get started.

More to Love

The best thing about working with your Raspberry Pi is having a robust community of users and makers who are just as enthusiastic about what they can do with their Raspberry Pi as you are about yours. Whether you are interested in cryptocurrency mining, working with blockchain applications, or building a really cool robot RCV or drone, there is so much support in the Hackster community, with a vast pool of resources for beginners and advanced users alike. So boot up your command line, and get started on a journey of discovery.

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